Blog 1 – Introduction 17 11 18

Welcome to my first blog! I’ll be doing these as regularly as I can and if you have any suggestions about what you want me to write about just get in contact via any of the social media pages (Facebook: @ArsenalWomenSC, Twitter: @ArsenalWomenSC, Instagram: @arsenalwomensc or e-mail:, and I’ll do my best to incorporate your recommendations! This first blog will have my views on our stand out players so far this season, away day travel, the players to watch in the next few games and the season ahead.

Stand-out Players

What a season this has been so far! All of the players seem to be enjoying their football and the team bond seems so strong which is bringing out the best in all of them. For me personally, though, the best players so far this season have been Jordan Nobbs, Vivianne Miedema and Lia Walti. The signing of Walti was inspired. Her vision, and ability, to find a pass is just amazing there is no other word for it. Miedema is just simply on fire at the moment – this being summed up by Danielle van de Donk celebrating as soon as Miedema received the ball in the Netherland’s game against Switzerland! Finally, I’m not sure that there is much I can say about Nobbs that hasn’t been written, or said, before but she runs the midfield like a maestro!
Now, I may be just a little biased (being one of Leah’s sponsors) but I also think that Leah Williamson deserves immense credit for her performances this season in defence. One of the stand out games for me was away against Chelsea, she had the Chelsea attackers in her back pocket for 90 minutes!

Away Day Travel and Songs
Although I love home games – and my voice appreciates the extra vocal support – the away games do have something special about them. Getting up early, a long drive, greeting the players at the stadium, setting up a spot with our Arsenal flag, and then singing for the full 90 minutes. The highlight of which was out singing the (home) Chelsea fans!
The players seem to genuinely appreciate the support we give. Jordan actually mentioned in an interview for the WSL that we deserve a shout-out for coming up with songs for all the players – just Viki and our brand new signing to go! It takes some work and it can be amusing trying out songs that just don’t work on any level. But we get there in the end.

Lia Walti, Leah Williamson and Katie McCabe’s songs are definitely my favourites. Although I do miss being able to sing Heather O’Reilly’s song!

Players to Watch

I would say all of them but I guess I can’t! I would say look out for Danielle Van de Donk, Beth Mead and Katie McCabe in the next few weeks. I think with the way the team are playing these three will continue to score goals and getting in assists for the likes of Vivianne Miedema and Jordan Nobbs.

Season Ahead


I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn to say that at least one trophy should be on the team’s radar. The key game in the league, for me, is the game against Manchester City Women. If we beat City the difference in our points totals could be 6, that would be huge. For now, though, I think we should take every game, and opposition, as they come. No pressure, just continue as we are. And don’t forget we still have Kim Little, Danielle Carter, Viki Schnaderbeck and Tabea Kemme to complete their respective recoveries!

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