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AWSC Blog – December 2020

Okay, so it is (finally) time for our second blog for Arsenal Women’s Supporters Club!

I often get asked, as a West Ham men’s season ticket holder (for 20+ years if you’re interested!), how I came to support Arsenal Women. The answer is pretty simple! My best friend Lea had been asking me to attend an Arsenal Women game for a long time, however, I was unsure as I’m was a Hammer not a Gooner! Eventually, though he persuaded me: he said that women’s football was so much better. There was much less cheating (don’t get me started) and the players spend time with the fans to a level I would be surprised at.

So, that’s why you could find me on the 19th February 2017 heading to Meadow Park for the first time. Yes, that’s right Kelly Smith’s testimonial was my first game! I had done a bit of research before the game as the only women’s footballers I’d heard of were Hope Powell and Kelly Smith. I’d found a whole new world of excellent players: Casey Stoney, Jordan Nobbs, Steph Houghton, Rachel Brown-Finnis and so many others. 

The atmosphere at the game was so far away from anything I’d ever experienced: the staff and the fans were welcoming, I managed to get that first programme signed by 12 players, had a selfie with Howard Webb, Danielle Carter, Rachel Brown-Finnis and Casey Stoney and, because I volunteered at the game, a handwritten card from Kelly Smith to say thank you for helping out.

I don’t even remember the score but I remember Kelly taking a penalty and being given a guard of honour by both teams, I remember Howard Webb booking Lea for being loud – nothing’s changed in nearly four years! – I remember the players being so lovely and the quality of football was simply amazing.

Me and Dan Carter
Presentation for Kelly Smith
Me and Lea helping out to get the game on social media!

On the drive home Lea asked me if I’d go to the next home game with him. Tottenham Hotspur on the 19th March 2017. I agreed without hesitation this time. This game blew my mind. I ended up on the Arsenal Women snapchat with Alex Scott, I got selfie’s with Jemma Rose, Emma Mitchell, Heather O’Reilly, Carla Humphrey and Pedro, much to my surprise Lea had arranged for me to hand out the Player of the Match award (Kim Little won that day J) so I got on the pitch that day and the result too. Arsenal Women won 10-0, yep, 10-0. As a West Ham fan that was just indescribable – we hardly ever beat Tottenham especially at the moment.

The team that started against Tottenham!
Kim Little won the POTM award
My screenshot of the Arsenal Women Snapchat… with Alex Scott!

And that, as they say, was that! I was hooked. Myself and Lea began attending all the home games together and then we said why don’t we go to some away games too… and we did. We went to all the games, home and away, I stayed overnight for evening games in Manchester, I drove to Manchester, Liverpool and Everton in one day to watch the team. In the summer of 2018 myself and Lea went for roles in the Supporters Club. Lea as Chairman and me as Communications Officer – a role I still have.

2020 has been hard for me. I still have my season ticket at West Ham and I have a season ticket at Arsenal Women. Most weekends I’d have West Ham on Saturday and then Arsenal Women on Sunday and now I have to make do with watching on TV. Like you I can’t wait to get back to Meadow Park to cheer on the team.

Don’t forget to check out these pages to make sure you know the songs ready for our return:

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2) Team Songs:

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Interesting facts:

My Favourite AWFC game:

Definitely the Arsenal Women vs Bristol City at Meadow Park on the 01/12/2019 when Arsenal won 11-1. Firstly, what a score line, secondly, Vivianne Miedema got a double hat trick and two of my three favourite players scored (Leah Williamson and Jordan Nobbs for reference)

Favourite AWFC player:

No competition here for me: Daniëlle van de Donk!

And so it’s over to you: go to our social media channels (Facebook @ArsenalWomenSC, Instagram: @arsenalwomensc and Twitter: @ArsenalWomenSC), give us a follow and then let us know how you got into supporting Arsenal Women, which was your favourite AWFC game and your favourite AWFC player (either at the moment or all time).

I can’t wait to read your responses!


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