Interview with Joe Montemurro

Joe Interview Photo

1. What can the fans do to help the club win more games and trophies? Lea, Twitter
Oh look I think the player’s love you guys coming out so the more of you that come and travel and follow us and chant, it’s really inspirational. So, we love having you here and hopefully you’re buying into how we’re trying to play.

2. Advice on how to get into a managerial career in football? Matt, Twitter
It’s a difficult question because each manager’s journey is different. The only thing I can say is love the game, love it, watch a lot of football and you have to make a lot of sacrifices, you have to give up weekends, a lot of time, a lot of maybe family commitments that you probably want to go to and stuff. But I think sacrifice, hard work and a love of the game.

3. What areas of the squad he thinks needs strengthening for next season. Clive, Twitter
Yeah, look I think that’s a day to day proposition sometimes you know. Players aren’t playing well or there are situations were things aren’t happening for you and that’s a day to day thing. But I think we do need so more depth to the squad going into the second half of the season. We have been hit by a couple of crucial injuries that are long term, but, look it is what it is it’s part of football about and the players that come in I have every confidence that they will do the job.

4. Who does he think will win the World Cup in France next year? Clive, Twitter
Great question. I think it will be a European team. The France and the Germans are ready for this one, you’ve got the Dutch but you obviously also have the US lingering as a powerhouse but it’s going to be such a great World Cup I’m really looking forward to spending the summer here and watching it. It’s will be an amazing tournament.

5. Joe. We know Leah is extremely proud to play for a club she’s supported. How does it feel managing the women’s side of the club that you’ve supported? Stuart, Twitter
It’s surreal. I’ve always… I drive in every morning and I think is it going to end soon. But I’m ecstatic to be here and I’m glad I’m able to do the job to the best level possible, I’ll keep working hard to bring Arsenal back to where it should be.

6. If you weren’t a football manager what would you be doing? Claire, Instagram
It’s a tough one… a Cabaret singer there you go! A bit of Frank Sinatra, you know!

7. How do you see Jordan Nobbs as a player? Can a Midfielder get creative by practice or is it instinctive? Keerthan, Twitter
It depends what type of midfielder you want to be. Jordan is so as influential as a person to the game and to the English game. I just love her personality and love the fact that she’s really taking on board a real leadership role but she’s also a real role model for players getting into the game. She exceptional, we’re so proud to have her at Arsenal.

8. Does Joe think our squad is big enough to compete in all competitions? Seems smaller than other clubs especially with Dan Carter and Kemme with long term injuries. Clive, Twitter
It’s a week to week proposition that’s why I’m not thinking too far ahead. It’s the next game and the availability of players and, obviously, injuries have hurt us a bit in terms of the overall squad but it’s an opportunity for other players to get a good chance and make my job a little bit difficult when those players do come back.

9. If you could manage any football team in the world who would like to manage? Claire, Facebook

10. Joe, what has been your highlight of your first part season coaching in England? Lea, Twitter
Oh, the fans!