Interview with Katie McCabe

  1. Which version of your song do you prefer? The new one or the old one? Sim, Twitter

The old one – nothing beats an original

  1. You seem to not always play on the wing (which meant we had to change your song) which position is your fave to play in? Lea, Instagram

On the wing because I can help the team score goals, and score myself J

  1. If you could play with any Arsenal legend who would you play with? Lea, Twitter

Well I’ve already played with Kelly, Alex, Emma and Yanks, but looking at the whole club, probably Bergkamp

  1. How often do you catch people singing your song? Sim, Instagram

Quite regularly actually! The girls and sometimes even Joe sing it at training… Lou even told me she was singing as she was going to sleep J

  1. How does it feel to captain Ireland? Claire, Twitter

The proudest honour you can have – it’s pretty special leading out the team. Something I’ve always wanted to do is captain my country.

  1. What would you be doing if you weren’t playing football? Claire, Instagram

I used to work at Nandos! But in terms of sports… I played Olympic handball

  1. How did you feel when you scored the 20 yard shot to go 3:0 up against reading? Taylor, Twitter

Obviously chuffed, it’s nice to score gaols like that. It topped off the game for us as we’d worked hard all match. It was icing on the cake!

  1. How do you feel when you score a goal? Is it different each time? Sam, Twitter

It’s different depending on the game situation. My Birmingham goal felt different because of the context and what it meant for the team

  1. What are goals you would like to achieve individually, with your team or on international level? Ans, Twitter

I want the team here to keep winning trophies. There’s nothing better than wining trophies with your teammates. At international level I want the team to qualify for a major tournament.

  1. Is there a skill in soccer you are trying to master? Is there any skill you would like to improve in? Ans, Twitter

I don’t really practice freestyle skills, but I would like to improve my heading and score more goals with my head

  1. What’s your favourite song(s) to listen to before a practice/game? Ans, Twitter

Not really into music – it doesn’t help me focus for a game. Whatever DJ Williamson has playing the change room!

  1. Is there any position you can’t play? Bet you’re even good in goal. Remy, Twitter

Play me anywhere! I’m after a shot at centre half 😉 (photo attached of KMc in goal!)

Arsenal Women Photocall

13. If you can choose between any player in women’s football, who would you like to have on your team and why? Dominique, Twitter

We already have Kim Little!

14. What is the most beautiful goal you’ve ever scored? Dominique, Twitter

I scored a great free kick Raheny United in Ireland – that was sweet as it was in the cup final at the Aviva Stadium.