Interview with Leah Williamson


After the game against Liverpool Women we were able to catch up with Leah and ask her the questions you had sent in to us:

  1. Who is the most underrated player you’ve ever played with or against? Greta (Twitter)

That’s a great question. Oh, that’s really hard. I’d say before she got injured Vyan Sampson. Honestly that girl, she’s had it tough now, but she’s an unbelievable player before that happened. I really hope now that she can get back to those levels because I don’t think anyone really gave her enough credit for how good she was.

  1. If you could play for any other team abroad which team would you choose? Louise (Twitter)

Oh, that’s a hard one because I love my Arsenal. I’d just go somewhere there was sun. Anywhere just give me the sun. Barcelona, maybe, that sounds alright to me.

  1. How long have you been an Arsenal fan? Rachel (Twitter)

Ever since I was… my Dad tried to buy me a Tottenham kit but I’d say Arsenal since the day I was born. My first kit maybe when I was like six, yeah love it.

  1. If you could defend against any attacker past or present who would it be? Lea (Twitter)

I mean Abby Wambach was just unbelievable back in the day, when she was on fire I don’t think there was a better centre forward around. But as a general attacker I think Kelly (Smith) was unbelievable I was lucky enough to play against her. It’s not something I would want to repeat more times in my life: she absolutely skinned me.

  1. Do you enjoy playing centre back and do you think it’s your best position? Matt (Twitter)

I do enjoy it playing for Arsenal because we have a lot of the ball. I think it is where I can be best in my field. I think I could have been a good midfielder but where I think I will be my best is centre back.

  1. Tell us how much you love Arsenal football club? Humphrey (Facebook)

It’s everything, honestly, it’s everything. I love this club like any other fan. I always say I’m a fan first and foremost. So, every time the men lose, every time we lose I feel it the same. Literally, it’s in my blood.

  1. What is your favourite position – centre back or midfield? Paul (Facebook)

I always had a really good time playing as a midfielder but now because I really want to make myself the best centre half I can be then I’m fully focused on the centre half, so I do have a really good time when I play for Arsenal.

  1. Do you ever get nervous before games? Claire (Twitter)

Every single game I get exactly the same as if it’s an FA Cup Final. I get really nervous, struggle to eat anything. But I know that means I’m ready so I’m cool with it.

  1. If you were not playing football what would you be doing? Claire (Instagram)

I’m actually studying to be an accountant so maybe something like that. My Dad’s an accountant. But I think maybe something in music, apart from football, music is definitely my biggest passion.

  1. Leah what’s your favourite song that us supporters sing for you: she’s one of our own or Leah is a Gooner? Sim (Twitter)

She’s one of our own, I think, it’s a testament to everyone that’s always helped me in the club and coming through the system is something I’m really proud.

  1. Who were your biggest inspirations growing up – on and off the field? Jessica (Instagram)

I’ve always really, really loved Jessica Ennis-Hill I think she’s amazing at what she does. Being on your own in a sport. Because I have team mates I know how much easier they make it. Jessica was a big one for me but on the pitch it was always Kelly (Smith). I always wanted to be like her.

  1. Who’s your all-time favourite male Arsenal player present & past? Charmaine (Facebook)

It’s got to be Thierry Henry! I really liked Freddie Ljungberg when I was younger. I was number 8 when I really young so when I got my first Arsenal shirt I was too small they couldn’t fit the letters on it.

  1. What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not playing football in your time off? Heather (Twitter)

Literally just get out and about. I never, ever sit down. Anything to do with family I’m all over it. I do have eventual stories (Instagram). It’s because I get out and about and I just do everything. I’m a bit of a ‘yes’ man like I just do everything that anybody ever asks.

  1. How does it make you feel when you hear the fans singing your name in the stands? Heather (Twitter)

No, honestly it’s really proud for me because I’m a fan and I’ve been in the stands. And when I go to the Emirates it’s the same, when I hear them singing for the men it gives me goose bumps thinking I want to be on that pitch You know, I like to think I’ve got a good relationship with the fans and I’m quite relatable because I am one of you lot. It’s nice that we’re all on the same page.

  1. Have you ever been star struck meeting another player? Anonymous 

I have actually, we were in a lift in Seattle and Julie Ertz (she used to be Julie Johnston), she plays for the American national team, I think she’s unbelievable, one of the best around, she’s very underrated to be fair, so when she got in lift I kind of just froze and leant back against the mirror. But, Thierry Henry came to give us a talk once at Arsenal and I shed a little bit of tear before he came in so I’m a big fan.

  1. Why and how did you join the club? Anonymous

I was at another team called Rushden and Diamonds and the coach left to coach here and she said come for a trial. So I did. I trained a couple of times, trailed and got in. And why, because it was Arsenal and they were the best – always have been.

  1. Any fitness tips for girls and young people? Anonymous

Generally, I’d say play football as much as you can – all the time. Dribble the ball in the garden, on your way to school… don’t go in the road! Literally, I’d just have the ball at my feet all the time. Fitness wise I think fitness is the easiest thing you can change. If you’re really serious about making it in football a lot of players get stopped because someone says they are not fit enough. And that’s the easiest thing to change. You can go out and sort that out on the pitch on your own. You don’t need anyone else. So, I think the more you let fitness grow in your mind the worst it can become because it’s the easiest thing to change.

  1. Have you ever checked our fanpage @Arsenalwfc_fans? What’s your opinion about us and your Persian fans?

I haven’t seen anything they’ve sent over so maybe they’ll have to tweet me a couple more times.